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Normally we deliver within 3-10 working days after receiving your order depending on the delivery location. But in certain cases we may take between 10-20 days to deliver.

In any particular case if we are unable to deliver your order within 20 days, we will cancel the remaining undelivered order and will refund your money received through the same mode of payment as done by you. Time duration of refund may depend upon your bank's way of processing after receiving your order. Normally it happens within 3 to 10 working days. If your account doesn't get credited within this time, please contact your bank. If any assistance is required from our end,  please get in touch with our helpline number +91 77570 49944 or mail us on our email id - care@aguante.in 

If you find that  the product(s) received are damaged or is different from the order placed by you,  please call our helpline number to seek a clarification on the same. If a wrong product is delivered by us, then we shall take it back and redeliver you the right product as per your order or may refund your money, it will be on case to case basis.