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Festivity - Fun, Firecrackers & Fitness

Festivity - Fun, Firecrackers & Fitness

It’s a time again to celebrate a win over evil and a celebration of lights all across India. Friends and family will meet and have a gala time. It will be a time of Fun, Family, friends, and food. Lots of traditional sweets and savories will be there and your fitness can go on a toss as you can’t control your appetite and pull towards delicious delicacies. So here we are with a quick checklist on what you should do during the upcoming festive season to keep yourself in good health.


  1. Plan your festive time – When we plan in advance our mind is in control and we can easily follow what we have planned. As we plan gifts for our loved once it's important to plan for your body whom you love the most. So, you should plan your workout routine, your meal timing. It might be difficult to follow 100% but it will surlily help you in maintaining your weight.
  2. Portion Control – As most of our family members will say, “Diwali saal me ek bar aati hai enjoy it fullest”, so it will be an injustice to your inner child who waits around the year for Diwali to taste tasty sweets and snacks. Try all you love but in control portion so that you can satisfy your taste buds at the same time you will be able to track your calories.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated – Drink at least 2-3 liters of water this will not only control you to eat less but also keep your energy for all the fun and dhamaal with your family and friends. You can always try to keep a water bottle near to you which will remind you to drink plenty of water during the festivity.
  4. Don’t skip your daily exercise- It may be difficult to spend those complete hours of workout which you use to do in your routine life but try to keep pace with physical activity, some outdoor game with kids in your family, an evening walk with parents or maybe a dance workout with siblings. Just keep some of the other physical activity on during the festive time. Always carry activewear if you are going to your native place so that it will help in doing physical activity.
  5. Avoid package foods and drinks – Nowadays there are lots of attractive and varieties of packed food and drinks available in the market which also has massive festive offers, don’t get fooled by the lucrative advertisements. Stick to homemade food and snacks. In homemade food as well, you can try to replace high calory food items with healthy alternatives. Always keep some nuts with you so that whenever you are hungry you can just have a few of them.


This Diwali, don’t let yourself starve but at the same time don’t overeat your favorite food because later on you will feel guilty and that will take longer to come back on track. Enjoy the festive season with your family, friends, and Fitness. Buy attractive activewear at aguante.in

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