There is nothing like a simple and comfortable T-shirt. Even though the T-shirt is a very basic piece of clothing, some are just better than others. No wardrobe is complete without a collection of casual yet comfortable T- shirts for different looks and purpose. Comfort and simplicity are two key factors that one should follow when it comes to fashion.

While picking your favorite tee, there are a few factors that needs to be considered. First being that how do you want the T-shirt to fit i.e slim fit, regular fit or loose fit? Secondly, what is the purpose for which you need the T-shirt, for exercising or just for lounging? Here at Aguante, we are focused to make products as per the customer’s requirements, be it a simple T-shirt, but it should be as dependable as it is comfortable and stylish. Sure enough, that T-shirt is not a white whale. It's very much available online @


Beat the heat this summer by wearing these 100% pure cotton women’s long T-shirts in quirky graphic prints and nice soothing colours. These T-shirts are characterised by a little longer length which is preferred by the Indian women for yoga and exercise. The fact that these Tees cover the hips is the main reason for the women to pick these for their wardrobe as it gives them the comfort while working out.

Make your choice from the latest range of long Tees at affordable prices. Go ahead and shop online at . Remember, ‘ A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.’

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